Instructions for Initial Use

●  Initial Product Inspection:

When removing the instrument and accessories from the package, please pay close attention to the caution note and handle accordingly.  After unpacking the instrument, check the required configuration according to the packing list. Make sure that all parts listed on the packing slip are included. If you notice any discrepancies, please immediately contact your local ITM-LAB representative. If no communication is received by ITM-LAB within seven (7) days from the date the package was signed for and received by customer, the instrument will be deemed to be fully accepted by the Customer.

●  Initial Product Set-Up:

Please read the operator’s manual, and review the operational video and other product materials (“Manuals”) included with the instrument carefully. Please set up the instrument under the specified conditions, with the proper power supply, gas supply, and parameters and operating mode as set forth in the Manuals. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your local ITM-LAB Technical Support/Service Team prior to set-up.

●  Routine Operation:

Before using the instrument, please confirm that the test environment, power supply, gas supply and parameters meet the specified requirements. In the event you experience problems with the instrument, please refer to the operator’s manual, log on to our website at to view related materials, or contact ITM-LAB Technical Support/Service Team. In order to accurately and expeditiously process your request, we ask that you please have the following information available before contacting us:

a. The product model and serial number on the product label or in the operator’s manual and certificate of quality.

b. The operator’s manual. 

c. Any information about symptomatic problems, including display content, running conditions, the time problem occurred, and other detailed information.  We request that customers provide ITM-LAB with as much detail as possible in order that we may provide assistance.  Failure to fully disclose pertinent information about the condition of the instrument to ITM-LAB may result in delay or our inability to resolve the issue.



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