ITM-LAB Technology Park

ITM-LAB Technology Park was established in 2015, total area of 5,200 m2.The testing equipment is complete, the testing technology is advanced, the configuration is complete.At the same time, all the laboratory technicians have rich working experience, superb skills and creativity.It is because of these advantages, we can provide you with accurate and fair test data, as well as reliable and thoughtful service.In 2017, ITM-LAB became the engineering research center of electronic product testing and testing equipment, and is one of the first certification centers in China.

 Engineering Research Center of Electronic Product Testing and Testing Equipment.
 Key Hi-Tech Enterprise of China.
 CMC Certificate.

 Grade II Metrology Certificate.

    ISO9001 certificate.

Test Item:

Test Item Applications Model Standard

Mechanical testing of various materials

  • extension test
  • strength test 
  • bend test
  • peel strength test
  • 3 or 4 points bending test 
  • GB/T228-2002
  • GB/T14452-93
  • ASTM D638-03
  • ASTM D790-07
  • GB/T292
  • ASTM D3330-04
  • ASTM D1894-06

Electronic product reliability testing

  • drop test
  • button test
  • torsion test
  • inserting and pulling force test
  • touch panel test
Environmental testing
  • high temperature test
  • low temperature test
  • temperature and humidity test
  • low and hight temperature test
  • GB 2423.1-89 (IEC68-2-1)
  • GJB150.4 (MIL-STD-810D)
  • GB 2423.2-89 (IEC68-2-2)
  • GB 2423.3-93 (IEC68-2-3)
  • GJB360.8-87 (MIL-STD-202F)
  • GB 2423.4-93 (IEC68-2-30)
  • GJB150.3 (MIL-STD-810D)
  • GJB150.9-93 (MIL-STD-810D)
Paper and packaging testing
  • compression test
  • drop test
  • clamp handing test
  • vibration test
  • GB/T4857.4
  • GB/T4857.16
  • ISO2872
  • ASTM D642
  • TAPPI-T804
  • JIS-Z0212


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