Waterproof Test Chamber


IPX1-6 Waterproof Grade Testing Machine is based on IEC 60529:2001 Degrees of protection provided by enclosures (IP Code), GB4208-2008 Shell Protection Grade (IP Code) and GB7000.1-2008 Lamps Part 1: General Requirements and Tests. It is suitable for IPX1, IPX2, IPX3, IPX4 of lamps and electrical and electronic products. IPX5, IPX6 waterproof testing; the equipment has been widely used in the entry-exit inspection and Quarantine Bureau electromechanical laboratory, domestic and foreign product certification laboratory, equipment performance has reached the international advanced level.

There are standard test options in the equipment program, users only need to select the required standard test equipment to carry out the test automatically; in addition, with custom test options, users can set test data to adapt to different test standards; carriage table turntable can tilt 150, automatic conversion of drip position to adapt to IPX2 test. Tilting requirements, so that users in the IPX2 test can automatically complete the test operation without stopping and transposition, while ensuring the reliability and accuracy of the test data; the complete set of equipment by pendulum pipe rain test machine, hand-held flower sprinkler, hand-held nozzle (Ø 6.3mm, Ø 12.5mm), tilting rotary platform, intelligent water supply and control system The composition of the system.



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