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Metal packaging materials usually refer to metal materials used in the production of packaging containers. Metal packaging materials are widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, daily necessities packaging, instrument packaging, industrial product packaging, packaging, etc., among which are used for food packaging Quantity, the material characteristics of metal packaging are better than general packaging with better compression resistance, convenient transportation and not easy to break.

  Metal packaging material testing items:

Physical properties, puncture resistance, airtightness, microorganisms, air tightness, tensile strength, compressive capacity, elongation, peel strength, heat seal strength, pendulum impact strength, falling ball impact strength, puncture strength, tear strength, Friction coefficient, haze, light transmittance, etc.

  Metal packaging materials testing standards:

  Crown-shaped bottle cap;

  Packaging container Steel drum;

  Three-piece can with easy-open lid;

  Large-caliber liquid nitrogen container;

  Packing container Square barrel;

  Packaging container aerosol can;

  Packaging container Steel pail;

  Export calcium carbide packaging steel drum;

  Domestic calcium carbide packaging steel drums;

  Packaging container Solid alkali steel drum;

  Packaging container metal accessories;

  Packaging container Steel drum closure;

  Packaging container Two-piece aluminum can with easy-open lid;

  Packaging container twist-off aluminum anti-theft bottle cap;

  Packaging container Industrial thin steel round can. For these inspection items, metal packaging material companies need to use accurate measuring and testing instruments, and carry out strict quality control in accordance with national and industry standards, so as to meet consumer needs with high-quality products.

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