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With the improvement of people's demand and the development of science and technology, food safety issues have become increasingly prominent, and people's safety awareness of food quality and food shelf life has gradually strengthened. There are many factors that affect food safety, not just the food itself. In the whole process of food production and consumption, as food packaging, the safety and integrity of its packaging materials play an important role.

The protective effect of food containers and packaging materials on food safety is mainly reflected in the fact that suitable packaging methods and packaging materials can protect food from external pollution and keep the moisture, composition, and quality of the food itself unchanged. Therefore, the selection of professional food packaging inspection instruments in the industry can provide a qualitative and quantitative reference for the protective performance of food packaging materials. This is a continuous and long-standing development work. Therefore, the demand for packaging inspection instruments Will be continuous.

In recent years, the rapid development of the packaging industry has also brought vitality to the survival market of packaging testing equipment. Packaging testing equipment refers to testing equipment used for quality testing and control of packaging materials and packaging products, mainly used in food and medicine. , Paper and other industries.

For example, most materials such as food plastic packaging bags need to have the functions of blocking water vapor, oxygen, carbon dioxide, and sealing. Therefore, the demand for testing instruments in this area will increase. Therefore, water vapor barrier test equipment , gas permeability meters , Plastic packaging testing instruments such as sealing and leakage performance testers will play an important role.

Packaging testing equipment is a professional testing equipment developed to test the complete performance of the specific application of packaging materials, so its development is also updated with the country's specifications for packaging materials. With the widespread popularity of packaging materials, especially the food and drug safety issues caused by packaging materials that have appeared continuously in recent years, the state has issued a series of regulations to further strengthen the detection and prevention of packaging materials. The role of packaging testing instruments has also been affected by the food industry. , The pharmaceutical industry pays attention. Food packaging testing instruments are widely used in the performance testing of food packaging.

The safety of food production is inseparable from every detail before and after, and the integrity of packaging materials can ensure the safety of food packaging. With the strengthening of the country's supervision of food packaging, it also provides good development opportunities for food packaging testing equipment, and ushered in new opportunities and challenges in the research and development of testing equipment. Saicheng is willing to work with everyone Under the guidance of national standards and industry standards, we continue to provide rigorous and scientific laboratory testing instruments for food packaging materials .

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