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DONGGUANG ITM-LAB MACHINE INC. (also known as "ITM-LAB"), dedicated to the research, production and sales of testing equipment for 23 years, has high and low temperature boxes, high temperature aging rooms, cold and heat shock boxes, constant temperature Wet test chambers and other equipment provide you with four major industry application solutions and testing technical service solutions such as tensile machine series, paper packaging testing, mobile computer testing, environmental testing, etc., with high-quality products and professional services. The formula solves problems related to detection for customers.

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Glass Compression Testing Machine

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Servo control Universal Testing Machine

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Fast Temp Change Temperature and Humidity Tester


19 11,2020

Beverage plastic bottle cap sealing test program and test instrument

The airtightness of plastic bottle caps such as food and beverage bottle caps is very important for the protection of the product
19 11,2020

Food packaging testing instruments are facing new development opportunities and challenges

With the improvement of people's demand and the development of science and technology, food safety issues have become increasingly prominent, and people's safety awareness of food quality and food shelf life has gradually strengthened.
01 12,2020

Metal packaging materials testing items and standards

Metal packaging materials usually refer to metal materials used in the production of packaging containers. Metal packaging materials are widely used in food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, daily necessities packaging, instrument packaging, industrial product packaging, packaging, etc., among which are used for food packaging Quantity, the material characteristics of metal packaging are better than general packaging with better compression resistance, convenient transportation and not easy to break.

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